Q: If my production is filming on private property do I need to file a permit?
A: No, however you will need permission from the property owner. In addition, if your production will be interfering with nearby public facilities (roads, bridges, parks, etc...), then the appropriate permits for those facilities may need to be filed regardless if the filming is on private property.  Check with the municipality that has oversight for public facility.

Q: Where and with who do I file the permits with?
A: Where do you want to film?  Send us an email or call us and we can help you sift through the villages, municipalities, state and county property.

Q. How long will it take to get my permit approved?
A. Permits are reviewed Monday - Friday between the hours of 9am - 4pm. Permits must be submitted 5 business days before the scheduled shoot. The amount of time it takes to get a permit signed depends on the complexity of the permit. We make every effort to process your permit as quickly as possible. 

Q. What do I need to bring to the office in order to get a permit?
A: The County Permit can be access online here, and may be emailed or filed at the H. Lee Dennison's Building: 11floor, 100 Veterans Memorial Hwy
Hauppauge, NY

Q: Whose name do I put as certificate holder on my General Liability and location insurance? 
A: Filming on county or state property requires a General Liability policy for at least $1,000,000 naming “Suffolk County" as an additional insured pursuant.  Please read the insurance requirements carefully! 

Q: Do I need to contact the police for my production?
A: Police Assistance is necessary if you will need to close or restrict any public activities near your filming location (i.e. Roads, Bridges, Parks, etc...), will be disrupting the peace (i.e., loud noises) or will be filming subject matter that may be misinterpreted as criminal by local residence.  Additionally, if you will be using blank firing weapons on-set (in which case a proper Armor must also be present on set, and in charge of handling the weapons -- an Armor is not required if using blank firing handguns).

Q: How do I get police assistance?
A: If you need police assistance, please indicate this during your initial inquiry and in your letter of intent. This request will be added to your permit application. Call us at 631-853-4800and we will serve as the interface between your shoot and the Suffolk County Policy Department.  

Q: Does the location where I am filming require a fee? 
A: The fees for filming in Suffolk County vary greatly; please contact us for specific details about your desired locations: 631-853-4800. Or visit our Municipality Permits page for addition information. 


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