Located near the vast production hub that is New York City, Suffolk County provides diverse natural, historic, and suburban locations without the sacrifice of convenient production resources.

Highlights of this scenery include:  the populous and posh Hamptons region – a stimulating parallel to the rural vineyards and farmlands of the Northern Fork; Suffolk’s northern coastline home to Suffolk’s antiquated New England towns and a varied selection of historic architecture—all of which is accented by the scenic harbors, sweeping white sand beaches, and lush woodlands; Lastly, the South Shore, its shorelines  hemmed by waterfront Mansions and surrounded by  the quiet suburban villages and cookie-cut homes famous to Long Island.

Suffolk County is the perfect environment for all of your production’s needs, and we at the Suffolk County Film Commission hope we can assist in making your experience filming in Suffolk County  as accessible and inviting as our landscapes.

Suffolk Map with Gold Coast area highlighted

The Gold Coast

Suffolk’s northwest corner was once the summer playground of many of New York City’s wealthiest families. In the hills surrounding picturesque Huntington and Northport Bays you will find scores of former estates and palatial homes — some lovingly restored and maintained by their current owners and others preserved as parks and landmarks.

The latter include Coindre Hall Castle, built with the look of a French chateau, and Eagle’s Nest, the Moorish-style summer villa of William K. Vanderbilt II. On beautiful Lloyd Neck, the rambling 1750-arce estate of Marshall Field III, with its manor house and out buildings, has been maintained as a pastoral state park. In addition to these historic mansions you will find stately residences of every style and period, making our exclusive Gold Coast a practical and accessible filming location.

Suffolk Map with American Dream area highlighted

The American Dream

The western interior of Suffolk County captures the essence of suburban America. Our neighborhoods represent a broad range of lifestyles and socio-economic levels. Some present you with lovely older homes on tree-lined streets.

Not far away you will find tract-home housing developments and condo communities. Expansive shopping malls, corporate headquarters, modern office buildings and carefully designed industrial parks provide the commercial backdrop to this idealized view of life outside of the big cities. Now the American Dream includes transit oriented developments like the vibrant Wyandanch Village.

Suffolk Map with Pine Barrens area highlighted

The Pine Barrens

As the name implies, this central part of Suffolk County is largely undeveloped. Nearly five times the size of Manhattan, the Pine Barrens is one of the most expansive nature preserves in New York State. Its ecological significance is due to the huge freshwater aquifer it sits over, making it the county’s primary source of drinking water.

Here you will find more than 100,000 acres of nature in the raw, with heavily wooded forests, swamps and cranberry bogs, lakes and streams. The Pine Barrens host a broad range of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, horseback riding, canoeing and boating, trail biking, hunting, and fishing. The area’s rustic feel, combined with ease of access and nearby resources and amenities, make it an ideal choice for outdoor location filming.

Suffolk Map with Maritime Coast area highlighted

The Maritime Coast

The high bluffs and headlands that comprise Suffolk’s rugged north coast look out over the calm and sheltered waters of the Long Island Sound. The maritime history of this area goes back to colonial times and was built around its safe harbors and deepwater ports. Today these ports are bustling waterfront communities, each with its own unique character.

Maritime shipping, however, has largely given way to pleasure boating, sport fishing, water sports, yacht clubs and marinas. Stony Brook, with its centuries-old buildings and tidal gristmill is historically preserved, while villages like Port Jefferson and Northport are prototypical and picturesque seaside communities. Our Maritime Coast is the perfect location for any project that features life near the water.

Suffolk Map with South Shore area highlighted

The South Shore

From canals that turn backyards into boat docks to the spectacular mansions of the legendary Hamptons, Suffolk County’s South Shore offers a myriad of possible locations for oceanside filming.

Sheltered by Fire Island, our Great South Bay offers over 150 square miles of quiet waters for boating and water sports. Fire Island itself provides filmmakers with 30 miles of beautiful ocean beaches and quiet vacation communities where the only vehicles are bicycles.

Suffolk Map with East End area highlighted

The East End

Our North Fork retains much of the county’s agrarian heritage. In fact it is home to some of the most agriculturally productive land in all of New York State. Here you will find country roads that run past working farms and vineyards, with rustic farmhouses and barns, lovingly preserved Victorian homes, lighthouses, churches and historic inns spotting the way.

You will find picture perfect villages, like Mattituck, Greenport and sleepy little Orient, and broad water vistas of the Long Island Sound and Peconic Bay. If your project calls for quiet rural charm, you could not make a better choice than Suffolk’s Harvest Coast.

The beauty and elegance of the Hamptons is recognized around the world, and historic Sag Harbor is an ideal waterfront location. At our eastern tip you will find Montauk and its iconic lighthouse, one of the most photographed in the world. In short, on our South Shore you are sure to find a perfect waterfront location.


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